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The extension of your beauty

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Vivir Microtubing System

revolutionary permanent hair system that provides you with volume + lenght. Organic and safe!

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A lenght-enhancing hair system that allows you to choose the length you desire. In & out – on the go!

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Vivir Toppers

A variety of 100% human hand-made volumizers that gives you volume and/or length in a matter of minutes!

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Aura by Vivir

convenient, multi-purpose temporary hair system that can give you volume and/or length in 3 min!

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Vivir Hair Bundles

100% human certified luxury quality hair, it's unprocessed and last up to 2 years.

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Wigs by Vivir

An advanced technology - custom-made product for women that suffer from hair loss and for cancer patients.

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← Testimonials →

I'm in love with their system. Even after I reapplied it my hair still looks healthy. I did not lose any hair. I won’t go back to any system where your hair is being glued and they put unnecessary products that only damage your hair. Thanks VIVIR. I recommend this company.

Natalia B.

I never used hair extensions before but I decided to try them. They have changed my look and I feel confidence now with hair that has volume and looks healthy. Thank you Vivir Hair.

Melissa C.

My hair is really thin and after getting the tape-ins a lot of my own hair has fallen out. It’s embarrassing, but I didn’t know what else to get. This is my second time doing the micro-tubing technique and I have to say that I LOVE THEM! My own hair grew about 2 inches and I couldn’t believe it. The system is light and I don’t have to deal weird products and glue on my hair. Thanks VIVIR!

Marianne S.

I'm happy with the system and I will continue to get the Microtubing.
There is not glue or tape and the they are really light. I forget I have them! Their technicians are professionals and they follow up every single step and maintenance. Thank you.

Caryn K.

I love the new system!

Lauren G.

I'm in LOVE with my hair. My husband loves how much length and volume I have. He noticed I smile every time I look into the mirror. I can’t get enough. The hair quality it’s great and they last more than other extensions I've tried in the past.

Carolina S.

Me trataron súper bien y quede muy contenta con los resultados. Al principio dudaba en ponérmelas pero cuando me decidí y vi el resultado quede feliz. Recomiendo a Vivir Hair. Son profesionales y te guían para que te veas hermosa.

Roselyn M.

I just ordered the product Aura and I was shock with the beautiful work. They made the hair piece exactly the way my hair is. I am very happy. I recommend Vivir.

Barbara S.

I bought the u volumizer. What a fun piece and you can tell the hair is human. I can style it and put heat on it without being scared. Love them. Thanks.

Stella V.