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Vivir Hair Extensions Ceo Lorena Sarria Spreading Smiles Cancer Society
Vivir Hair Spreading Smiles

Vivir Hair doesn’t work for beauty, we work towards creating smiles.

A women shouldn’t add hair extensions to become beautiful.  Women are already beautiful.  She should consider hair extensions to enhance her confidence.
Vivir Hair has partnered with the American Cancer Society and our commitment is currently changing women all over the world.
In the past 2 years we are able to work together, offerings women with products that will help their condition and allow them to feel beautiful and gain back their self esteem.
On this particular case she has gone through chemotherapy for years, but still had some hair to work with.
We have created a product called Aura to give her back the length she has lost. Our products are light and won’t compromise our clients hair in any way.
We work hard to be able to help as much as we can. Every product is custom made and is designed to create safe results.
Vivir Hair and the American Cancer Society continue to work on… spreading smiles!
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Vivir Hair Cancer Society Client
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