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VIVIR Microtubing System

With years of research, we have finally developed a system that has no glue, no tape or any heat, so your own natural hair continues to grow without any minimal damage.
Our unique system have been created based on a tubing system made of vitamins and oils, so your own hair can absorb these natural sources and continue to grow naturally.
With the Help of engineers, hairstylist and professional Technicians, women now can rely on a system that matches perfectly their hair color, texture and that is safe!

Why Us

Other stylists who utilize hair extensions, rely on a messy technique that uses glue, tape, standard hair colors, and destructive heat, resulting in an embarrassingly noticeable finished product, that only damages the hair. But VIVIR extensions are individually matched to your hair’s natural texture and color, resulting in a lifelike extension of your true beauty.

You will also find that most other salons provide the sale of hair, and installation of hair as separate services, but Lorena walks her clients through the hair extension process. From beginning the strand-by-strand color customization, to expert installation of the finished product, we can ensure you know exactly what to expect at all times.

Lorena’s years of expertise guarantee that you no longer have to question the qualifications of a hair dresser who only works with extensions on a rare occasion. With VIVIR not only are you receiving a stylist with the highest level of education and experience, you are also working with a specialist who understands a clients need for quality, and commitment.