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Do you look in the mirror and feel like your hair is hiding your true beauty? Are you tired of extensions that look fake? VIVIR hair extensions is the answer you have been looking for.


VIVIR’s Mission

Quality and passion are at the core of VIVIR’s mission. Lorena has committed herself to providing true “living” hair. Her strand-by-strand color match, and damage-free installation process, ensure an undetectable, lifelike product, that lasts.

True beauty lies inside every woman, but sometimes we want to shine on the outside as brightly as we feel on the inside. Lorena wants women to be confident in themselves inside and out. She understands that a woman’s feelings about their hair directly impacts their self-confidence, and this makes her more than just a hair stylist. She ensures that VIVIR hair extensions allow each woman’s inner beauty to radiate from root to tip.

Lorena has recently partnered with the Cancer Society, ensuring women who struggle with the effects of chemotherapy are still given the opportunity to feel beautiful and have confidence in their appearance. Her passion for creating a quality product, and making women feel empowered by their appearance is at the core of every client interaction.

VIVIR means “to live”, and life is exactly what VIVIR will give you. These are not just hair extensions, but true extensions of your beauty, your lifestyle and of your yourself. Allow VIVIR to become that extension of yourself that you have been looking for, and embrace your full potential.